DeStory is a podcast exploring the stories that form the matrix of ideas, beliefs, and norms that define our lives. DeStory seeks to examine these stories, talk to activists about how they are using Narrative Strategy in their activism and organizing efforts, and serve as an incubator for solidarity and social transformation.

DeStory is more than just a podcast though, its an intention to create an innovative space for organizing and collaboration. At its essence, it is a collaborative design studio for the collaborative creation of a roadmap towards cultural transformation through art and activism. So often art is seen as just an arm of activism, one of many tactics that sits at a crossroads waiting to intersect with activism. At DeStory, we believe that art is activism. It is through art that society has the ability to investigate, innovate, and implement transformation. Art has the ability to heal, motivate, mobilize, and usher evolution. It is through art that we are able to cocoon cultural shifts.

DeStory focuses on narrative strategy as an artform that uses story-telling, images, memes, symbols, scents, tastes, and human intuition in the creation of stories that form the basis of the matrix of ideals, beliefs, and cultural norms that serve to subjugate BIPOC in America. By uncovering these stories and retelling them, we hope to pluck myths and falsehoods from the building blocks of America and replace them with truths. 

The DeStory podcast supports DeStory Labs which is a Solidarity Narrative “ReStory” Incubator that seeks to bring together passionate people who want to work together to strategically shift dominant narratives. The end game is NOT just to pass a piece of policy, the end game is NOT just to fix or bandage something for the now, the end game is for sustainable cultural transformation. 

The following is DeStory’s Manifesto: 

DeStory’s Manifesto is based on the following values and :

  1. BIPOC centered: All too often, people want to come tell us what we need to do to amplify our issues in a broader mainstream world. DeStory flips this script. WE speak for OURSELVES. DeStory is BIPOC owned, operated and we seek BIPOC collaborators, amplifiers, thought leaders, grassroots life experiencers, and everyday activists and storytellers to come dialogue, debate, and collaborate with us.
  2. Truth seekers & Equity leaders: DeStory is all about equity. We believe in #OwnVoices. We believe in people sharing THEIR truths and working intentionally everyday in every way they can to achieve equity in the world whether that be along race, gender, class, and ability lines. We want people who are committed to going to the root of the problem and social issues and finding innovative ways to solve systemic problems that move beyond just creating yet another layer of systems and policies and bandages that just lie on top of a broken or problematic inequitable system.
  3. Culture of Respect, Compassion, Healing & Appreciation: DeStory supports and fosters a world in which we respect one another, we live in the light of healing, we empathize and have compassion for one another, and we appreciate our contributions towards a better us. We foster these values in all of our processes and in our work.
  4. Builders & Brilliant Innovators: DeStory wants to bring together brilliant minds, luminous hearts, and busy hands itching to create and collaborate on addressing social issues in creative ways.
  5. Brave and Courageous Advocates, Change-makers, and Mavericks: DeStory is a place for crazy ideas and imaginative problem solving. It is a space to experiment, be brave, and draw out the possible from all dreams and intentions even if they sound impossible. We prototype possibility.
  6. Collaboration, Unity, and Solidarity: DeStory wants to bring people and organizations together who are committed to questioning the dominant, hegemonic power structures that underlie our society for the specific and intentional purpose of flipping them on their ends to form a more cohesive, compassionate, and compelling life for all of us.